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Living in the matrix  
6th-Oct-2011 11:42 pm
I have been reflecting on my life lately, it has turned more or less like that of the people plugged into the matrix , while they are being used to produce energy for the machines. The world they live in is just to keep them entertained while they get exploited. I guess that's the feeling all purpose less people get, when they are smart enough to see through the veil of entertainment being framed for them. And the ones with a purpose are too busy to think about all these things.
                                                              I get plugged into virtual entertainment more than real, but it's a veil nonetheless, just that it's easier to see through than the real one. Sometimes people advise me to go into the real world and not be hooked to the computer all the time, I wish I could point out to them that they don't see they are hooked on to the world through their senses. But I don't, who wants to be called insane.
                                                              There are two times I get hooked into the matrix virtually, once in the office where I produce code for the machines, and once at home where the internet entertains me to get ready for the next day at office. In between there are other times where I am hooked into reality through my body, by the beautiful sights, voices, tastes and   tactile contacts. And then there are times when I unhook my mind of everything and go into sleep, because after a long day you get overwhelmed with so much of farce. Sometimes this unhooking happens when I am awake, and leads to rants like this one, where you are forced to reflect on existential questions. Today's rant probably is provoked by the death of Steve jobs. "An achiever and visionary like the world has never seen"  quoted the newspapers, in eulogies for a successful toymaker to entertain the people  trapped in the matrix.
                                                            Of course there have been millions who have come and gone thinking the same things, compiling their findings and answers in the scriptures, but when you cant actualize any of it and can't get out of trap, even they looks like a farce. What was god thinking when he decided to send so many men into earth again and again, he must be playing a big joke. But it's worth giving a try to see what it feels like to be that all powerful creator, and I guess that's why we keep on living and create our own worlds in our own tiny minds.

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