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Sports not worth watching 
2nd-Apr-2011 01:04 pm
I don't understand how people numb themselves watching some sports that are so dumb that they can't even keep a 5 year old entertained. If I were to list the the three most wasting of these sports, where people are spending painfully exorbitant amounts of valuable time and money, they would be these:
1) F1 races:  The cars go round and round,  it's like a video game, and nothing eventful really happens unless all of them are at the finish line at the same time, or a major accident with smoke and fire happens. If you are in a stadium watching this, all you hear and see is the drone of the cars passing by you at a lightning speed for 1sec or in a lap of 10 mins.
2) Golf: I never could understand the point of putting a ball in a hole you can't see, but any ways rich men like it. Perhaps because they are tired of putting their balls in holes they can see. There is absolutely nothing to watch if you are seeing it on a TV, other than the lush green gardens where they play it.
3)Cricket: This one is a gay man's game. 50% of the time through the game the camera's focus is on the baller rubbing the ball on his groin.
25% it is at the faces of fielders and batsmen. Most of the time the batsmen just adjusts his groin guard. Then there is 15% of time spent on the audience, where you see some hot chicks, you would want to have. The 10% is the actual game where the ball is thrown and the good shots played. This could of course be covered in the 30-40 mins of highlights.The country is mad about it and you are an out caste if you are not,so you got to follow the game.
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