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The Nation 
19th-Dec-2010 02:22 pm
A nation corrupt to it's core,
sold by it's leaders like a whore,
It's people divided in two:
The few who can buy,
and the rest who may die.
Consumed by consumerism,
drugged with hopes of pleasure,
as greed tries to buy itself out
and grows, it's men are blind
to the suffering of the fellow countrymen
who live like animals in a ravaged farm.
Scrounging for food and shelter,
raging in violent fury out of frustration,
they are annihilated as internal threats.
But the nation grows tall over corpses,
driven by the bewitched middle classes.
Then the fest of elections comes,
false promises and cash galore.
The hungry get food for a month,
and sell their votes to the pimps,
who come back in power
to sell the nation like a whore.
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